Canadin Span International

DISINFECTION SYSTEM Synergy by Canadian Spa International®

Unique patented American technology for the most effective and economical disinfection of the whirlpools and swim spas in the world.

The most intensive disinfection effect 99.9% reached even thanks to radiation of ozone O3 application by using the Synergy UV Lamp absolutely without any side effects!

Comparison of technologies
Classic ionizer vs. Synergy OXYGEN SYSTEM / DISINFECTION ULTIMATE by CS®


  • The most intensive and strong disinfection effect
  • Synergic boosted effect of radiated ozone
  • 99.9% water sanitation of each equipment
  • Combination of technologies creates extremely strong oxidizing mixture
  • 0% use of disinfection
  • Crystal clear water without any smell
  • The strongest disinfection effect
  • Elimination of disinfection dosing
  • Minimizing of service expenses on water sanitation
  • Absolutely no side effects
  • Possibility to install in any equipment
  • Classic ionizer

  • Water still slightly cloudy
  • Very low rate of disinfection effect about 15-20%
  • Continuous spread and growth of organic dirt
  • Mostly insufficient effect for high water cubage
  • Possible appearance of resistant bacteria
  • Necessity of continuous dosing of chemicals
  • Necessity of longer filtration period
classic ionizer O3 synergy disinfection system 18% disinfection 99,9% disinfection

Thanks to boosted synergic output of generated ozone in the center of a tube followed by UV radiation the disinfection effect is rated as the most effective in the world. This unique combination of both technologies creates an extremely strong oxidizing mixture in the water with the most effective sanitizing potential that leads to a rare effect of hydroxyl radicals in the water.

crus tuv Synergy Disinfection Ultimate Synergy Oxygen System

Advantages of Synergy system
for effective disinfection and water sanitation

  • Suitable for whirlpools 500 - 15.000 liters
    Synergy Oxygen System for hot tubs 500 - 10.000 liters
    Synergy Disinfection Ultimate for hot tubs 10.000 - 15.000 liters.
  • No side effects
    Bacterial UV-C sanitation with advanced oxidizing process guarantees pleasant water bath without microorganism and bacteria.
  • Maximum effect of disinfection
    Patented micro-ozone technology with inbuilt injection system.
  • Saving expenses
    Synergy DISINFECTION SYSTEM is the only dual sanitation technology (ozone + UV) and thanks to its effect and reliability saves your money for disinfection dosing.
  • The best in its class
    Power of two in one in combination with minimum maintenance ensures perfect technology in its class.
  • Suitable for whirlpools of cubage 100 liters
    This type of ozonizer for i.e. aquarium disinfection.
  • No UV technology
    Missing UV technology aimed at water care that reaches the best results.
  • High expenses
    Use of classical ozonizers causes higher expenses on additional chemicals used for water care.
  • More than 82% unprotected water
    Uncontrollable number of bacteria remains in the water – this may cause side health effects and skin diseases.
Classic ionizer O3 synergy / UV + ozon